How To Find Your Dream Car Online

By: Castlegar Toyota   |   27 Mar 2017
Man shopping online for a car in a coffee shop

Online shopping is fun.

Many of us purchase things online because we love the idea of not having to visit a crowded shopping centre, spend hours searching for a particular product, nor worry about standing with other impatient customers in the checkout line. In fact, you can buy everything from clothes and household products, to your groceries and takeout food. And now, you can buy cars online.

Castlegar Toyota has made it incredibly easy to find your new Toyota car, truck, or SUV online, thanks to a handy app called CarFinder. So, how does it all work?

What Is CarFinder?

CarFinder is exactly what it sounds like. Encompassing an incredibly vast dealer network that includes Canada and the United States, CarFinder lets you browse from over one million new or used vehicles, exclusively online. CarFinder lets you select your preferences, like make and model, colour, year, and even mileage, in order to deliver you the best results that mimic your search criteria. At Castlegar Toyota, CarFinder is completely free to use, and you are under no obligation to buy! It’s our way of helping you simplify your search, before making your way down to the dealership. We have an incredible selection of new and used Toyota vehicles for sale, so this is a great way to start shopping. Once you submit your preferences, we’ll get to work on finding you vehicles that match what you’re looking for, and we’ll even include photographs to give you the full picture.

Who Does CarFinder Benefit?

Not everybody who visits Castlegar Toyota actually lives in British Columbia. Some of our buyers come from out-of-town, out-of-province, and even out-of-country! Virtually anyone looking to buy or lease a vehicle can take advantage of the CarFinder app, because it lets them see what’s available in the area, and locate a dealer who has the specific vehicle they want. If the vehicle you have in mind isn’t available in a location that’s convenient, there are plenty of auto shipping services available in Canada that can deliver your new vehicle, right to your door.

Are you tired of visiting dealerships and looking at one too many vehicles that don’t feel right? Save your time, and try the CarFinder app today! Online shopping is fast and easy, and Castlegar Toyota’s friendly staff will handle any questions you may have during the search process. Contact us today at 1-(877) 969-1929 or contact us online to get started.

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