Dog-Proofing Your Vehicle

By: Castlegar Toyota   |   07 Aug 2017
dog in car

If you have ever had a dog you know life is a lot more fun with rover around. Whether it’s a weekend at the cottage, a day at the beach, or a quick trip to the park, having a dog makes everything better. Having a dog also makes everything dirty and that includes your vehicle.


A dirty dog shouldn’t keep you from bringing your pooch with you on family outings, so to help all you canine-lovers, we’ve put together a few tips on how to dog-proof your Toyota.

Plan Ahead

Keeping your car, truck, van, or SUV clean from any potential dog related messes is all about being proactive. Keep a dedicated dog towel in your Toyota at all times; it won’t take up much room, and for the times your pooch gets into the mud, or soaking wet, you can towel off your canine and take care of most of the mess before they ever get in your vehicle.  Just remember to wash the towel regularly, otherwise, it’ll get pretty funky.

Mats and Liners

Toyota has a few accessories available that are ideal for dog owners, with a Seat-Back Cargo Liner being an absolute must. For anyone driving an SUV like a Rav4 or a 4Runner, this liner will protect your rear trunk space and the back of your seat from any dog damage. The liner is textured so rover won’t slide around, and it’s also incredibly easy to clean. For more info on Toyota mats and accessories reach out to our parts department.




While most people like dogs, no one likes the dog hair that they leave behind on car seats. The most important advice we have to prevent dog hair clinging to your seats is to groom your dog regularly. If you’re brushing your dog often there will be a lot less excess hair to be left behind.

Your Old T-Shirt

Some dogs are simply heavy shedders, but we have a great tip for preventing shedding while your dog is in your vehicle. Have them wear an old t-shirt while in the car; the shirt will prevent your dog from directly rubbing up against your seat which is the main reason your dog's hair transfers from rover to your vehicle.

Seat Covers

Beyond grooming and t-shirts, if you have a car and need to transport your canine in the back seat area there are plenty of seat protectors available. Most are made of a heavy-duty canvas material that prevents dog nails from puncturing your seats and dog hair from sticking to them. The majority of these seat covers tend to work quite well, but they do cover the entire back seat so you likely won’t be able to have a passenger in the back with your pooch.

These are just a few tips to help prevent your pooch from dirtying up your ride, and if you have any advice of your own for dog owners, we’d love to hear it. If you have any questions or feedback, contact us anytime.


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