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Having your oil changed is a regular part of vehicle maintenance and helps keep your vehicle on the road for longer. Stay on top of your routine auto maintenance and get to know why this service is so important with these frequently asked questions below. Fallen behind on your vehicle maintenance? Schedule your next auto service appointment online with Castlegar Toyota.

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Oil Changes FAQ

How often should I change my oil?

As a rule of thumb, your oil should be changed at least twice a year or every 5,000 to 7,500 km. These numbers will change depending on your vehicle, how often you drive and the type of oil you use.


What’s the difference between synthetic and conventional motor oil?

Conventional motor oil is derived from petroleum and is typically considered to be less desirable than synthetic oils. Synthetic oils are refined and further processed, eliminating particulates that may live on in conventional oils. It is also more durable, lasting longer and withstanding extreme heat better than conventional oil.

Toyota Oil

If I go longer between oil change intervals, do I need to change my oil filter more frequently? Or do I need a special filter?

The best way to prolong the life of your vehicle is to not skip regular maintenance such as oil changes. Your oil filter removes impurities that may damage your engine, so if you must wait longer than changing your filter more frequently may not be a bad idea. Talk to your service professional about what will work best with your vehicle and the brand of oil you use.


I like to change my oil myself. How do I dispose of the old fluid?

Collect your oil in a sealed container and return the oil to an acceptable service centre or a waste disposal site.


I am thinking about switching to a high mileage motor oil. Is high mileage oil worth it? What are the differences to consider?

High mileage oil is great for older vehicles that may be struggling but it’s not for everyone. If your vehicle isn’t leaking or burning oil or it uses less than 1 quart per 9,000km than the conditioners in high mileage oil are not warranted and it may not be worth the excess costs. Speak with a representative to learn if it’s worth it for your aging vehicle.

We use Toyota Brand Oil in all of our services. If you are looking for another brand of oil, we will work find your preferred product. Before landing on the brand or type of oil we use during your service, we search for the recommended oil for your make and model. Speak with a service department team member for more information.


$54.95 for 4 cyl regular oil - 5QT
$74.95 for V6 regular oil - 5QT
$79.95 for big trucks regular oil - 5QT
$69.99 for 4 cyl synthetic oil - 5QT
$89.99 for V6 synthetic oil - 5QT
$94.99 for big trucks synthetic 5QT


*Prices and oil availability may vary between vehicles. Speak with someone in the service department for an accurate quote.

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