Exceeding the Hype: Meet the all-new Coupe High-Rider

Anyone shopping for an SUV or a Crossover SUV (CUV) knows the bewildering amount of options that are available. The sad part is most of these vehicles look incredibly similar. How do you stand out? Automakers also make a lot of claims, but few SUVs or CUVs live up to the hype. Toyota decided to do something a bit different: they designed a new vehicle that provides the space and ruggedness of an SUV or CUV with the handling and performance of a mid-size car. Shop our inventory say hello to the 2018 Toyota C-HR, or read along to find out more about this popular new vehicle.

“Striking and chiselled – you’ll either love it or hate it.” - Mark Richardson, Globe and Mail

Style Matters

Let’s be honest, no one likes driving an ugly vehicle. That isn’t a problem with the Toyota C-HR; with an all-new design, this is one stylish vehicle that looks like nothing else on the road. Are you tired of the same ole’ same ole’? Do yourself a favour and take the C-HR for a spin.

Handling? Check!

The C-HR has quickly earned a reputation for excellent handling. Perfect for the urban lifestyle, this new Toyota can corner and turn like nothing else in its class. If you drive a lot for work, travelling from client-to-client, the Toyota C-HR is a great option; it offers plenty of space while still delivering a responsive, fun ride.


“The ride is firm yet very well composed, with a taut chassis that barely leans when cornering, and light yet mostly communicative steering. This surprisingly nimble, car-like handling lends some credence to Toyota’s claim that C-HR testing and chassis development took place at Nürburgring.” - Costa Mouzouris, Driving.ca


Comfort is Key

We spend a lot of our lives driving cars, why aren’t they more comfortable? The 2018 Toyota C-HR was designed with comfort in mind and it shows. The seats are supportive and comfortable, and the kind of seats you want when you’re on a long road trip. The layout of the console and dash is smart, intuitive, and easy to find the button or control you’re looking for.


“The interior is a C-HR high point. It features plenty of soft-touch materials, diamond-pattern trim pieces, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, dual-zone climate control, and a 7-inch infotainment display screen on even the base XLE trim. The climate controls are easy to use, and we appreciate the gearshift lever’s straightforward layout. An electric parking brake is a nice premium touch.” - Mike Monticello, Consumer Reports


There are a lot of benefits to driving a 2018 Toyota C-HR, experience the benefits for yourself by taking a no obligation test drive. You deserve to drive a stylish, agile, reliable vehicle; find out if the C-HR lives up to the hype.

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