How to Find the Right Used Truck for You

By: Castlegar Toyota   |   27 Feb 2017
Close up of a Toyota pickup truck

Shopping for a used truck can be challenging if you’ve never done it before.

Not only do you have a wide range of makes and models to choose from, you must also be sure you know what you are getting ahead of signing that contract. Before you visit the dealership, understand your financial means by setting a realistic budget. It’s easy to get carried away during the shopping phase, especially because many pre-owned trucks come loaded with extra goodies, like fancy trim packages, new wheel upgrades, and even entertainment systems. Always outline what you truly need, versus what you want.

There are many obvious signs that point to a top-notch used truck, but some of the underlying conditions could be a bit trickier to spot, especially if you can’t see them!

Here’s what you need to know before you buy:

What Do You Need the Truck For?

Do you plan on using your next truck to commute to and from work every day? Is it to be used for construction or any labour-related task? Or do you simply like the ruggedness and toughness that goes with the image? Truck shopping is very different than car shopping. Most trucks sit anywhere from 3-5 passengers (legally, anyways) and most run on diesel, not gasoline. You should make a realistic assessment of why you are buying the truck, and be sure that it accommodates your lifestyle in order to make a solid investment. remember, you can always shop for genuine Toyota parts and accessories at a later point and customize your truck as you see fit.

What Type of Truck Do You Want?

Are you looking at a compact pick-up, a heavy-duty pick-up, or a full-size pick-up truck? Can you spot the difference? Compact trucks are smaller and usually run on four-cylinder V-6 engines. They’re great for everyday driving, but can still tow a significant amount. Full-size and heavy-duty pickup trucks on the other hand, were designed for tough projects like hauling and towing significant payloads. They also come in more configurations of cab type, bed size, and drivetrain choices. The basic pickup truck is what used to be called the half-ton truck and now often called 1500-series. These are the trucks that can be paired with travel trailers, so if you live a lifestyle that calls for these features, this type of truck will work for you.

What Kinds of Features Do You Need/Want?

Make a list of the features you absolutely need, and then a separate list of all of the additional perks you’d like to have before shopping around. This will help you find the best used truck. For example, many people often look at the type of engine, the fuel economy, the towing capabilities and safety features. Then, they’ll take a look at some of the special features that are available, like chrome or leather trim, heated seats or even upgraded suspension systems. Never be afraid of asking the dealer and sales team any questions you might have. At Castlegar Toyota, all of our friendly staff are available to answer your questions and concerns regarding any Toyota truck you see on the lot. We’ll help you narrow down the search and will find you a selection that matches your personal criteria.

Buying a used truck is no different than buying a new truck--except you get a much better price! It’s always a good idea to do some research of your own, and creating a list of any questions you would like clarified. Remember, at Castlegar Toyota, we are always here to help make the shopping experience easy and fun. Start your truck journey by shopping online from our used inventory. Have something special in mind? Try our handy CarFinder tool and narrow down the search quickly. Call us at 1-(877) 969-1929 or contact us online for further assistance.

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