Back-to-School With Toyota Technicians

By: Castlegar Toyota   |   04 Sep 2017
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It’s back-to-school time for kids all over BC. For our service team, believe it or not, they’ve never left school. Our technicians are constantly training and earning new certifications. Think getting through 10th-grade algebra was tough? Here's a glimpse of what our service technicians go through for schooling.


Any Toyota technician started out as an apprentice after completing the necessary courses at a college like the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Long before graduating they’ll be looking for an apprentice position where they learn alongside veteran Toyota technicians. As they learn they will earn certifications and eventually become full blown certified techs.


Like we said, the learning never stops in Castlegar Toyota’s service department. Once someone puts in their necessary hours, passes their apprentice exam, and finally becomes a technician, they’re really just getting started. As techs continue to learn and train, they receive certifications and the title of Pro Technician and, for a select few, Master Technician. Depending on the complexity of a repair and what part of a vehicle is being worked on, only people with specific certifications are allowed to complete the repair.

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