What Does the Vehicle You Drive Say About You?

By: Castlegar Toyota   |   24 Nov 2017
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There are few things that have a larger impact on our everyday lives than the vehicles we drive. There are a lot of reasons we choose the type of vehicle we drive; it could be for style, price, function, reliability, you name it. But, did you ever wonder what the car, truck, van, or SUV you drive says about you? There are a few theories out there, and we thought we’d share some. Let us know if you agree.

Complex Magazine

A few years ago Complex Magazine published a less than a scientific article that gives a one-line take on the drivers of various popular vehicles. Two Toyota vehicles were mentioned, including the Toyota Camry and the Toyota Prius. They summed Prius drivers up with the quote, "Let me tell you about GMOs." while their claim for Camry drivers was, “Without vanilla, your favorite flavor doesn't exist." Pretty funny, we must admit, but they clearly haven’t seen the 2018 Toyota Camry.

Admiral Insurance

Admiral Insurance in the UK has taken a more scientific approach to framing a “type” of driver with a particular vehicle. Using their records from years of providing car insurance, they have an online tool that will give you an impressive (or scary) range of information about drivers who own virtually any vehicle.


As an example, Admiral’s site claims that Toyota Rav4 drivers tend to be female, have only a 12% chance of speeding, and have hobbies and interests that include gardening, museums, and doing laundry. Toyota Corolla drivers, on the other hand, tend to be males and enjoy watching Doctor Who and New Girl on TV.

Men’s Health Magazine

Men’s Health took a leap and created customer profiles for each major automaker, including Toyota. While it’s pretty silly to lump all drivers of a car brand together, it’s still entertaining. Here's what they had to say about Toyota:


You’re probably a Gen X’er, and you
likely work in logistics or transportation.
You love Indian food, guacamole,
college football, and soccer. Your
friends are important to you, and
so is maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
You like to think of yourself as
spontaneous. You shop at the Banana
Republic and the Apple store, you
love the movie Wall Street, and Kevin
Hart cracks you up. You read the
New York Times and watch a ton
of ESPN.” - Men’s Health


Car Guide

Car Guide has also had its own say about what a vehicle says about its owner. In this case, they broke down “types” of drivers by the general vehicle they drive. In the case of large SUVs, like the Toyota Sequoia, they say:



“For a lot of buyers, it all
comes down to the command-seating
position. The feeling that you
are sitting up high, master
or mistress of all you survey,
able to see straight over the top
of mere mortal cars in front of you
and thus see trouble coming. You
may be small in life, but in your
massive SUV you are tall, powerful
and indomitable.” - Car Guide


So, what do you think? Are any of these descriptions accurate in your mind? The fact is Toyota vehicles meet the needs of all sorts of people. Browse our lineup and find the right vehicle for your lifestyle. ​​

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