A Community, a Toyota Tacoma, and a Big Food Donation

By: Castlegar Toyota   |   22 Dec 2017
food donation

The holiday season can be hectic and it’s only natural to forget a few details here and there—where you put the keys, did you get a gift for Uncle Emmet, etc.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, spending time with your friends and family is a fun, food-filled experience. When you are with your loved ones, take a moment this season to remember there are a lot of families in the area who can’t afford food and don’t have the support system you do.

This was our motivation to collect non-perishable food and donate everything to the Castlegar Community Harvest Food Bank.


The Big Donation

Have you seen a Toyota Tacoma? It’s a big truck with plenty of room in the bed for non-perishable food. The Tacoma has approx. 4,000 cu. ft. of volume in its bed and thanks to the Castlegar community, we were able to fill it and donate all that food to help people in need this holiday season. Thanks to everyone who donated, including Scottie School of Highland Dance for their big contribution.


People in Need

Almost 900,000 people in Canada need food assistance annually and British Columbians make up more than 100,000 of people in-need of assistance. Of those, 32% are children. It’s easy to see how important it is for people to give back to their community when they can. One truck-load of food will go a long way to feeding hungry families this season, but there is plenty of need all-year-long.


If you’re fortunate and have the means to donate to the local food bank in 2018, please do—it can make a big difference in the lives of a lot of people in the Castlegar area.


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