Toyota Hybrids Will Save you Money as Gas Prices Rise

By: Castlegar Toyota   |   12 Jun 2018
Money flowing out of a gas pump

Gas. We all need it.

We all keep paying more for it. In British Columbia, fuel is as expensive as our province is beautiful and it seems to be getting worse. With some of the highest average fuel prices in the country, it’s one contest that we could do without winning. The average cost of gas in British Columbia is currently a $1.45 a litre, an increase of more than $0.20 in the last sixteen months. Although a litre of gas may cost a little less in Alberta, our neighbour hasn’t fared much better at the pumps either seeing a very similar increase in fuel cost. What’s the solution?

The only surefire way to save money on fuel these days is to use less of it. If we can’t change the distance we travel to go to work and visit friends and family, the only thing we can change is what we drive to get there. Toyota’s industry-leading hybrid vehicles and the largest selection in Canada has a solution that works for every commute and weekend trip you can throw at it.


Prius Hybrid Will Save You Money

The flagship hybrid vehicle helped start the hybrid revolution and has become synonymous with fuel economy, comfort and style. It’s where it all began for us, so it wouldn’t make sense to start anywhere else.

With a combined highway and city mileage of 4.5L/100KM we could stop right there, but why would we when the Prius has so much more to offer than incredible fuel economy. The Prius comes equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense which assists drivers in avoiding forward collisions and distance pacing cruise control just to name a few of the standard features the Prius has over the Ford C-MAX and Hyundai Ioniq. Toyota’s staple hybrid literally does circles around the competition with a tighter turning radius than Ford or Hyundai’s entries into the market. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and if the Prius could, it would be blushing.

It doesn’t take long to see where the savings are going to come from with the Prius. Driving a car with a fuel economy of 9L/100KM at 30,000 KM a year drivers spend $3,915 dollars with fuel at $1.45/L. A Prius driver getting an average of 4.5L/100KM driving the same distance spends $1,958 dollars less a year. Making for almost $20,000 dollars in savings in ten years. By driving a hybrid car, you might be helping yourself pay for a new car down the road.

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Rav4    Highlander

Rav4 and Highlander: Hybrid Models With Serious Space

‘One size fits all’ might work for adjustable baseball hats but it doesn’t work for what we drive. Looking for something to take you off the beaten path, there's a hybrid for that. The Rav4 All Wheel Drive Trail Edition with a combined fuel economy of 7.35L/100KM is off-road ready at all times. It doesn’t take two sets of four wheels to have fun and save at the pumps.

If it’s seven or even eight people you’re looking to move, there’s a hybrid for that as well. The Toyota Highlander Hybrid is the only mid-size SUV in Canada that is available as a hybrid. There really is a hybrid for everyone.

To deny that fuel prices will continue to go up is no different or more effective than digging a hole in the sand and sticking your head in it. Times change, and so must the way we get around. To book a test drive in a Toyota Hybrid today, call 1 (877) 969-1929 and be ready for tomorrow. Remember, when you’re driving home from work on a Friday afternoon that you’re not stuck in rush hour traffic… you’re charging your batteries.

There’s no waste of fuel or time in a Toyota. 

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