Guaranteed Acid-Free, Safe Used Vehicles in the West Kootenays

By: Castlegar Toyota   |   17 Aug 2018
Certified Acid-Free Vehicles

If you’re a resident of the West Kootenays, you’re probably familiar with the effects of the terrible acid spills from this spring

Two incidents from a trucking company caused corrosive acid to be spilled on highways outside of Trail, BC. Drivers, unaware of the spills, and who thought the roads were simply wet are now suffering the unfortunate consequences.

Insurance Claims for Acid-Damaged Vehicles are Skyrocketing

As of this writing, reports of over 2,000 vehicles with acid damage have surfaced. Drivers are reaching out to ICBC with their claims, and we’re hoping that the process runs smoothly. Adjusters, as in any circumstance, have varying responses based on the condition of the vehicle and are urging people simply buying used vehicles or using their claim to purchase a used vehicle to avoid vehicles that have been impacted by the corrosive substances.

The suggestion is to only purchase a used vehicle from a dealership rather than privately and to do so only if that dealership can provide a guarantee that the vehicle has not been damaged by acid. The same goes for even just having been in contact with acid, if no damage has appeared yet. The acid can corrode and deteriorate important parts of vehicles such as brakes, calipers and suspension, parts that you don’t want to worry about while driving down the highway.

We Guarantee Acid-Free

That’s right. As a long-time pillar of the Castlegar community, we know that we hold a great deal of trust from our clients. With that in mind, we were determined to figure out a way to ensure that our used vehicles are acid-free. Our used selection is frequently visited, and we want to make sure that our visitors have the facts.

To avoid buying vehicles with acid damage, some folks are heading north or out-of-town, an inconvenience that people have shared their distaste for. At Castlegar Toyota, we’ve implemented the same testing methods that ICBC is using to check if any and all of our used vehicles have been in contact with acid. What does this mean for you? It means that when you purchase a used vehicle with Castlegar Toyota, you can sleep soundly knowing that we’ve taken the precautions necessary to avoid acid damaged vehicles.

We’re thoroughly testing each vehicle that comes through our lot to avoid acid damage. Because of the excess amount of write-offs as a part of ICBC’s claims, we’re seeing an influx of used car buyers. We want to ensure that you have peace of mind and the knowledge that we’re using the same testing methods as ICBC to keep our vehicles safe for your next drive.

Ready to shop our used selection? Check out our used inventory of all makes and models, as well as Toyota Certified Pre-Owned vehicles today. Our team is always happy to help.


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