Toyotas for Towing

By: Castlegar Toyota   |   31 Aug 2018
toyota tundra

Because it’s so nice in the summer here in BC, people often stay in the province and enjoy the great outdoors. We see people travelling with ATVs, boats, bikes, and a family of fun gear. To get this gear from point A to point B, you’ll need the right vehicle to handle the weight without damaging the vehicle you’re driving. Toyota vehicles are more capable than even the experts might know about. We have some heavy hitters for adventure. Here’s what you need to know about Toyotas for towing.

The Toyota Tundra is the King of Towing

Let’s get this out of the way: the Toyota Tundra is the most capable truck in our lineup for towing and heavy loads. Whether you’re driving an ATV into the bed, tugging a trailer, or even a fifth-wheel RV, the Tundra can take it. The Tundra has a towing capacity of 10,000 lbs and a payload of 1,365 lbs. That means that you’ll tow more, and the Tundra’s excellent fuel economy will take you further. The average fifth-wheel RV weighs about 5,000 lbs, which means you’ll be able to fill it up with everything you need and still not have to fret about towing.

With the Tundra you can even tow other trucks. If your friend in a Chevy Silverado gets stuck in the mud or breaks down (suckers!), you can toss it on a trailer or tow it home. Who needs to call a tow truck? Not anyone with a Toyota Tundra!

Rav4 and Tacoma

Enough Fun for Everyone Towed Behind the Tacoma and Rav4

Aside from being the best-looking midsize truck we’ve laid eyes on (ever), the Tacoma packs a lot of punch in a smaller package. It boasts 3,500 lbs of towing capacity and 1,500 lbs of payload. If you’re looking for fun, the new 2019 Toyota Rav4 Adventure trimline is our most impressive off-road Rav4 yet. Toyota has stated that it will have roughly 3,500 lbs of towing capacity, which is almost 2 tons. For smaller trailers, ATVs, many boats, and more camping trips than you can imagine, the Tacoma has your back.

The average pop-up trailer weighs about 2,000 pounds, so you’ll be able to take the trailer behind you and a cooler full of goodies too! What else can that 3,500 lbs of towing capacity equate to? The average ATV weighs only 750 pounds: you could take two behind you on a trailer! Heck, that 3,500 lbs means you could carry about 218 bowling balls on a trailer if you really wanted to!

4x4? All Aboard with Toyota

4x4 and off-road capabilities aren’t just for rough and tumble folks anymore! Whether it’s our hash Castlegar winters that make four-wheel drive a must for you, or simply a passion for adventure, a variety of Toyota vehicles can make your dreams come true. These models have 4x4 options available:

Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Rav4

Toyota Sequoia

Toyota 4Runner

Four-wheel drive allows all of the wheels of your vehicle to use and produce power. This will help you navigate snow and mud more easily, and can also increase your fun. If you want to tow something, such as an ATV through dirt roads or trails, you don’t want to get stuck. Having 4x4 as an option will keep you out of the ditch and get you cruising that much faster.

Ready to find yourself a vehicle that can bring along whatever you want to tow, find yourself a Toyota. Shop our new and used inventory today. We pledge to make it the best car-buying experience you’ll ever have.


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