The Toyota Tundra Reigns King of Fuel Consumption

By: Castlegar Toyota   |   01 Sep 2018
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One of this biggest concerns that we hear about from folks making the transition from SUV or car driving to trucks is fuel economy. While older trucks were fuel-guzzling monsters, and some new trucks (but only from the other guys) still are, Toyota trucks aren’t. The proof is in the pudding—we’re here to eat pudding and brag about the Toyota Tundra.

Toyota tundra on highway commute

Toyota Fuel Consumption Put to the Test

Recently, Trucks Plus Magazine highlighted test drives comparing the Toyota Tundra to other trucks in its market with the Canadian Truck King Fuel Study using simulated test drive loops. This means that they were tested on real roads, in real traffic conditions, using the same drive. Unlike government facilities that test fuel consumption in labs. These tests also account for different drivers, multiple drives through the routes, and different times of the day.

The Toyota Tundra Takes the Cake

The half-ton Tundra was stacked up against the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, the Nissan Titan, RAM 1500, and Ford F-150. It measured 14.95L/100km compared to 15.60 to 16.44L/100km with the other trucks. For some commuters, this can save you big time, even weekly!

These statistics were compiled with the truck empty (no trailer, no cargo), with 7,000 lbs being towed on a trailer, and with 650 lbs of cargo. The respective statistics for the Tundra were: 12.40L/100km., 19.47L/100km., and 12.93L/100km. Each one beat the competition by up to 2.65L/km. This is close to our manufacturer testing, but luckily even lower! Toyota’s listed rates are 17.7L/100km highway, 13.6L/100km city, and 15.9L/100km combined.

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Save Serious Cash at the Pumps

To put this into perspective, some folks are saving almost 20 litres of fuel in just a week just by driving the best full-size truck around. That’s almost 1,000 litres over a year of commuting! With the current prices of gas, you could be saving $1,000-$1,500 just on your commute, not to mention weekend road trips and family adventures.

The Tundra is this efficient while still being loaded with features. You’ll find Toyota Safety Sense, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, huge touch screens, the STAR safety system, and more. Ready to drive the most fuel-efficient full-size truck in Canada? Shop our current Toyota Tundra inventory. We’re here when you’re ready.

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