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By: Castlegar Toyota   |   29 Nov 2018
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There’s no time like the holidays to start thinking about where to save money, or where you can save some of your budget to make for the best secret santa gifter out there. When you’re looking to save money, not just around the holidays, but long-term, Toyota is the route to take. Here’s why!

Long-Term Savings with Toyota

Any vehicle is an investment; whether it’s new or used, a Toyota will take you further and cost you less on the way there. When you purchase a Toyota vehicle, you’re purchasing high-quality craftsmanship and parts that are known for working harder and longer than other brands. Ever wonder why you see so many older Corollas on the road? Because they’re built to last!

Fuel Savings with Toyota’s Best Fuel Economy

Over time, fuel costs add up. For those with any sort of commute these costs add up even quicker. Why spend more than you need to? Toyota vehicles are consistently rated with class-leading fuel economy. Here are a few examples:

2019 Toyota Corolla: 15.30 KM/L combined highway/city

2019 Toyota Tundra: 6.38 KM/L combined highway/city [the Tundra actually came out on top in a recent fuel study; learn more here]

2018 Toyota Camry: 22.10 KM/L combined highway/city

When you’re spending less on fuel, you’ll be able to spend more of your hard-earned cash on fun!

Hybrids for your Pocketbook

In addition to impressive fuel savings, Toyota’s wide range of hybrid vehicles will help you avoid spending extra on fuel by allowing you to charge up at home for pennies on the dollar! Hybrid vehicles are now more affordable than ever, and with at-home charging and mobile charging stations become more popular and easy-to-access, there’s no better time to get into a Hybrid. Many Toyota vehicles are now offered as hybrids, including:

Toyota Camry

Toyota Prius (Prius C, V, & Prime)

Toyota Rav4

• Toyota Highlander

With Hybrid technology, you’ll eliminate the need for fill-ups on the most common trips, such as on the way to work or the the grocery store, and you’ll be able to charge quickly on-the-go even on longer trips with common electric hookups! This means that rising gas prices are no longer on your radar, just calm and cool journeys wherever your adventures want to take you!

Toyota Financing

That’s right. When you finance a vehicle from Toyota, you’re not just looking at the price for today, but for tomorrow. Vehicle payments are an important part of your monthly budget, and choosing a financing plan that works for you can make the difference between a night out on the town or Netflix-and-chilling at home with stale popcorn.

Toyota finance and lease options make it easy to get into the Toyota of your dreams. You’ll often find promotional rates, and our in-house finance experts are always happy to help you find a plan that works for your lifestyle and budget.

Ready to find your Toyota? Shop our new and used vehicles today. We pledge to make yours the best vehicle buying experience around!

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