Why Choose Toyota Genuine Parts for Your Vehicle?

By: Castlegar Toyota   |   24 Mar 2019
Two Toyota Drivers stand on the car after winning a race

Never Settle for “Good Enough”

Toyotas -- they’re built to last. Anyone who owns one of these skillfully-crafted vehicles knows this fact. But with vehicles that last comes the inevitability of repairs. Where should you get your Toyota fixed -- and does it matter what kind of parts are used? Here and yes.

At Castlegar Toyota, our trained technicians know how to get the job done right. These Toyota experts will never settle for anything less than a perfect fix. To get a perfect fix, you need to use the parts that the car, truck or SUV was designed to have. Nothing else will fit, operate and last the way a genuine Toyota part will -- period.

The Difference Genuine Makes

A Genuine Toyota part will function better than any other brand when being put into a Toyota vehicle. This remains true even with less complicated repairs that can often be performed at smaller auto shops or in a neighbour’s driveway. Don’t believe us? Keep reading!

Toyota Brakes -- Precision with a Purpose

At first glance, you may think you can save a buck or two buying off-brand brakes and having a “friend that’s done it before” install them, but time will prove otherwise. Ask yourself, do you really want to rely on a part that you hope will function correctly should you ever need to stop abruptly to prevent a collision? Further to that, even just the wear and tear a pair of brakes that weren’t made for your Toyota will cause on other parts can end up adding future bills to your wallet.

toyota brake fluids

“with Toyota Genuine Parts, your Toyota Tech knows EXACTLY which part you need, and knows the EXACT part number. Oh, and they also know EXACTLY how to install it”

- Toyota.ca

Premium Batteries Only from Toyota

When testing the quality of a battery, Toyota engineers hold nothing back. Our parts are put through tests in the most extreme of conditions to ensure that your vehicle will work when you need it the most -- cue in Saskatchewan winter nights! Not only are these batteries reliable in wild weather, they also can handle all of the various electrical elements of your Toyota. With computers handling most of your car, truck or SUV’s operations, you need your battery to stand up to the task.

toyota genuine parts

Look to Castlegar Toyota for All Your Repairs

Any Toyota owner in the West Kootenays who’s searching for a place to get their vehicle serviced need look no further. Our Service Department is filled with Toyota technicians who know exactly which parts your vehicle needs to run properly.

Even better, Castlegar Toyota offers appointment booking with no callback required, so you can get your ride the tune-up it needs as fast as possible. Our prices often beat out the competition by a long shot, so don’t worry about blowing your budget to get quality service. At our dealership, we cater to our service customers by providing a luxurious waiting lounge to make every part of the process comfortable for you.

What are you waiting for -- contact us today to order parts or get your repair started!


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