Electric Vehicles are Here to Stay: Prius Prime

By: Castlegar Toyota   |   15 Aug 2019
A blue Prius Prime drives the streets of Castlegar, BC

The Car that Does it All

When searching the current market for your next vehicle, drivers in Castlegar want to find a car that ticks all of their boxes. Toyota doesn’t want you to ever compromise when asking what a ride can do for you -- which is why we’re proud to offer the 2020 Prius Prime. Powerful, environmentally friendly and packed with the latest in technology, this green car is truly the first of its kind. Come along as we discover why Prius Prime is the vehicle of the future and how it can benefit you. 

Consume Less, Drive More

One of the most notable reasons that Prius Prime drivers love their car is that it doesn’t burn a hole in their wallet at the pump. With fuel consumption rates at just 1.8 Le/100 km of travel, you may start to forget what a gas pump even looks like in between fill-ups. 

red hybrid Prius Prime at a charging station in BC

How does Prius Prime get by using such small amounts of fuel? By relying on both a regular gas engine, an electric motor and a chargeable battery all working together to provide harmonious power every time you need it. Ranging anywhere from 1/5th all the way to 1/12th of the average car’s gas-guzzling, Prius lets you sever your fuel bill in a big way, freeing up that cash for better things.

Invest in Tomorrow

What makes Prius Prime the car of the future? How about the fact that it doesn’t require a fancy charge station to recoup battery juice quickly? That’s right -- Prius Prime takes only 5 and a half hours to fully charge using a standard garage power outlet. Have access to a 240V plug? If so, you can cut down the charge time to a mere 2 hours and 10 minutes. When you compare these numbers with the competition, nothing even comes close in the plug-in sector for both time requirements and overall range capabilities.

infographic about brakes, hybrid range and charge time

Speaking of range, we haven’t told you just how incredible it is yet. Gone are the days of an environmentally-friendly vehicle barely making it to the other side of town. With Prius Prime, you can keep on going -- for up to 1,035 km! To put that into perspective, you could drive all the way from Castlegar to Vancouver and then almost back to Osoyoos on one battery charge. Impressive, we know! It’s freedoms like this that are helping Prius Prime change the way Canadians view hybrid cars

A Hybrid That’s Affordable

As the Canadian hybrid market grows, model prices keep climbing to unreachable heights for many families. Not so with Prius Prime. Unlike many competitors you’ll find, Prime keeps things realistic and attainable with starting prices at just $32,990. Plus, right now you can save even more with our “It’s Time to Toyota” sale paired with awesome government cash incentives that make this car well within your grasp. 

Don’t sweat maintenance fees too much, either, as all Toyota hybrids come with an incredible electric component warranty lasting up to 8 years (160,000 km). Prius Prime lives up to the reliability standards that Toyota has come to be known for, proving its value year after year.

Big on Fun Features

Choosing a car that’s easy on our planet should never mean skimping out on the features you want. On the contrary -- Prius Prime is jam-packed with Toyota’s latest technology and systems, boasting bonuses like a verticle 11.6” touchscreen dash display, a colour head-up windshield display, a 10-speaker JBL audio system and Apple CarPlay compatibility.

11.6" touchscreen disply in Prius Prime

Toyota’s most advanced systems come pre-loaded in the vehicle, including Entune 3.0 (the newest infotainment centre from Toyota) and Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 (driver assistance features that work with you as you travel to prevent collisions and maintain road safety). It’s details like these that make Prius Prime so much more than just a car with a conscience.


Ready to get inside Castlegar’s most adaptable plug-in hybrid? Thanks to Castlegar Toyota, your dream green vehicle is just a call or click away! Contact us now to learn more about these amazing cars or drop by and take a test drive today. Once you feel what the future of driving is like, there’s no turning back.

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