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By: Castlegar Toyota   |   07 Jan 2021
2021 highlander hybrid

Just when you thought the family-favourite Toyota Highlander couldn’t get any better, this popular SUV is riding into 2021 sporting a brand new hybrid engine that delivers maximum power and efficiency in an environmentally-friendly package. More drivers across the West Coast are getting onboard with green auto technology each year, and it’s easy to understand why -- these machines are changing our carbon footprint for the better, without compromising on all of the power, performance and features that we’ve come to depend on from our vehicles.

Toyota has been developing some of the world’s most advanced automotive hybrid technology for decades, and is a leader when it comes to bringing this tech to consumers in affordable and accessible ways. The Toyota Highlander Hybrid is a testament to all of these values, and we’re proud to have already secured stock of this exciting new SUV-hybrid right here at Castlegar Toyota -- let’s dive into what makes vehicles like the Toyota Highlander Hybrid so special, and perfectly suited for life in British Columbia!

2021 highlander hybrid features

Full-Size SUV, Pint-Size Carbon Footprint

From headlights to tailgate, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid offers everything you’ve come to know and love from this full-size SUV. It’s fully loaded with Toyota Safety Sense -- one of the industry’s most advanced safety systems -- and includes features like Pre-Collision Warning with Auto Emergency Braking, Lane-Keeping Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and so much more. You’ll also be treated to a top-of-the-lane infotainment experience thanks to Toyota Connected Services, which puts a host of helpful apps and services right at your fingertips via Apple CarPlay/Android Auto integration, plus a series of built-in connectivity features for your convenience and safety.

While the Highlander Hybrid may be small on guzzling gas, it’s big on versatility. This roomy sport yute offers generous head & leg room for up to 7 passengers, and a massive cargo hold that can store sports gear, strollers, camping equipment and even your jobsite tools with ease. Plus with standard all-wheel drive, a juicy 243-horsepower under the hood and a maximum towing capacity of 3,500-pounds, there’s nothing that this family hauler can’t handle.

“It’s a race to continually evolve. A race that has no finish line. A race where if we win, we all win.”

Toyota Canada, on Vehicle Electrification Innovation


Ride the Wave of the Future With Toyota’s Hybrid Technology

There’s a lot to win when it comes to adopting electric and hybrid automotive technology. Not only do you help save our environment from tonnes of toxic emissions each year, but you’ll also save significantly at the pumps, too. When you compare the Toyota Highlander Hybrid XLE AWD with the same model in a non-hybrid powertrain, you could emit up to 32% less CO2 per year, and use up to 723L less gas annually. At $1.00/L (at least) at the pumps, that’s a yearly savings of, well, you can do the math.

So what’s stopping people from making the switch to hybrid electric vehicles? Many drivers believe that they’ll be faced with the hassle of finding battery-charging stations, or that their vehicle will require expensive parts when it needs repairs -- but with the Toyota hybrid lineup, nothing could be further from the truth! Toyota’s electric components use regenerative technology, which means that the batteries recharge while you drive your vehicle, so you’ll never have to plug-in your ride -- unless, of course, you opt for a plug-in hybrid, but that’s a blog post for another day! Toyota’s hybrids also come with an extensive warranty designed to protect you and your investment for the long haul.

Browse Highlander Hybrid Models

If you haven’t yet experienced one of these future-friendly green machines, then it’s about time you jumped into the driver’s seat! We proudly carry the full Toyota hybrid lineup here at Castlegar Toyota, including the popular new Toyota Highlander Hybrid. With all of the same impressive specs and features as the OG model, plus the added benefits of electric vehicle tech, these versatile and efficient SUVs won’t stick around for long. Browse our current inventory online, and reach out to our team to reserve your favourite Highlander Hybrid model today!



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