What's Your Toyota Identity?

By: Castlegar Toyota   |   22 Apr 2021
Which Toyota Are You?

The entire Toyota lineup is seriously impressive - but which Toyota truly fits you best? Is it a rough ‘n tough Tundra that can get the job done? How about a commute-ready Camry that sips just a few litres of fuel for every hundred kilometres of driving time? Or the all-new Venza, which is big on versatility and cutting-edge technology?

At Castlegar Toyota, we proudly carry a Toyota vehicle to suit the needs of every driver in the Okanagan. To help our customers narrow down their options, we’ve created this fun quiz to help you discover which car, truck or SUV from the Toyota lineup is right for you. Simply click below to take our quiz and find your true Toyota identity!

Take the Quiz: answer the following questions and keep track of your answers!

1. On the weekends, I’m most likely to:

A.) Head to the campsite for some outdoor fun

B.) Help my friend with a home renovation

C.) Take the kids to their various weekend lessons

D.) Head into town for shopping and lunch

E.) Unplanned - let’s be spontaneous!


2. In the back of my vehicle, you’ll find:

A.) Fishing rods and camping gear

B.) A toolbox and lumber

C.) School bags and an umbrella stroller

D.) Not much - my ride is pristine

E.) What won’t you find in the trunk?!


3. When I turn on my stereo, the vehicle fills with the sound of:

A.) Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and some good ol’ country

B.) Whatever it is, it’s LOUD

C.) Does “Baby Shark” count?

D.) An audiobook, podcast or something classical

E.) ABBA to Zeppelin, and everything in between!


4. My favourite vehicle accessory is:

A.) Towing package and roof rack

B.) Charging station in the truck bed

C.) Backseat entertainment system

D.) Fully upgraded tech package

E.) Cargo storage solutions


5. The drink and snack situation in my vehicle is:

A.) An energy drink, beef jerky and chips

B.) Coffee, and a cooler filled with sandwiches and snacks

C.) Coffee up front, goldfish crackers in the rear

D.) Matcha latte and homemade granola bars

E.) A mix of snacks from home and on-the-go takeout

Now take a look at your score! If you have...

Toyota Tacoma

Mostly A’s: Tacoma Trekker

You’ll be happy as pie in this adventurous, off-road-ready and affordable(!) pickup truck. The Toyota Tacoma boasts some serious skills for taking the road less travelled, and will comfortably fit your gear and buddies inside the cabin. It’s lightweight and agile enough for trips downtown, while still delivering plenty of towing power for your weekend adventures. With add-on packages and accessories galore, you can easily customize Tacoma to fit your busy lifestyle.


Toyota Tundra

Mostly B’s: Rough ‘n Tough Tundra

This full-size pickup is a top choice for those who need the toughest truck on the block. With its spacious interior and range of bed lengths to choose from, Tundra can be counted on to accommodate job site gear, your work crew and even your growing family. Tundra is durable and versatile, combining power and luxury better than all the rest. Opt for Toyota’s famous TRD model to add ultra-rugged off-roading capabilities to its repertoire!


Toyota Rav4

Mostly C’s: Family-Friendly RAV4 

The Toyota RAV4 is Canada’s best-selling family SUV for good reason! It’s spacious, comfortable and fully loaded with top-of-the-line tech and safety features. It has the right amount of rugged capabilities for life in the Kootenays, fantastic fuel economy and a whole lot of style. Set the kids up with an iPad in the back, plug in your favourite tunes up front, take a sip of coffee and enjoy the ride!


Toyota Camry

Mostly D’s: Cruisin’ in a Camry

Style, class and some seriously sporty handling is what the Toyota Camry is all about! Canada’s best-selling sedan is capable and luxurious and boasts the best fuel economy of, well, any car on the road. It offers ample leg and headroom for taller passengers, and Toyota’s full stack of impressive tech and safety features. Plug in your favourite podcast and hit the highway knowing that you’re supporting a greener future - and looking good while doing it!


toyota Venza

Mostly E’s: Versatile Venza

The Toyota Venza is one of the most versatile vehicles on the road. Whether you’re headed to the job site, campsite, picking up your in-laws from the airport, planning on starting a family, planning on going back to school, or just about anything in between, the Venza adapts to your lifestyle. Offering just the right amount of space, power, tech, luxury and style, this sporty (and affordable) compact SUV is primed and prepped to take over BC’s highways!


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